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  • Reformaron el Art. 4 de la CPEUM

    Reformaron el Art. 4 de la CPEUM, ahora los registros y 1a acta de los ninos son gratis, los estados tienen 6 meses para reformar sus leyes. Today Mexico published changes to Article 4 of its constitution eliminating fees to register a child born in Mexico and giving a copy of the first birth certificate […]

  • Mexico Timeshare Real Estate Scams Victimizing People

    Timeshare Real Estate Scams Victimizing People Multiple scams have been identified recently that have already cost people tens of thousands of dollars of their retirement savings. The scams, which seem to be copycats of each other, involve approaching people who own Mexican timeshare real estate by phone calls, mail or by email, and pretending to […]

  • The SAT blacklist is out.

    SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria), Mexico’s Tax Agency is delivering their promise to make public a list of people and companies who are unable to be located as well as who have tax debts and also companies who sell fake facturas or are involved with money laundering (Articles 69 and 69-B of the Federal Tax […]

  • New unaccompanied minors rule

    Today Mexico published in the DOF new rules for minors leaving Mexico who are unaccompanied or with an adult who is not their parent or guardian. The publication will take effect in 30 days and mentions a possible official permission form which would need to be notarized, apostilled or legalized and translated (if not in […]

  • Major Changes to Mexican Tax Law

    Very extensive reforms have been made to Mexico´s tax laws and have been finalized in November, 2013 and will become effective on January 1, 2014 not giving give people a lot of time to prepare. No, and that’s going to be a problem. First, because all the appointment times at the SAT offices (Mexico’s tax […]

  • Mexico Changes Regulations to its Nationality Law

    Mexico Changes Regulations to its Nationality Law Today (November 25, 2013) Mexico published in the Official Federal Gazette (D.O.F) changes to correspond with the changes in the new immigration law. The new immigration law was published May 25, 2011, but did not take effect until after the regulations to the law were published on September […]

  • New Aduana Law 2014

    New Aduana Law 2014 So I have been reviewing the new tax reforms and in it is a specific mention of who can drive foreign plated cars, this coincides with what we have been told verbally although should clarify where aduana has rejected car extensions for temporales with working papers, the new Article 106 mentions […]