SAT stops 104 customs agents due to lowball values

SAT stops 104 customs agents due to lowball values

As you may have read when I broke my story in November, 2013 regarding 2014 new taxes and issues, I stated

“Also, customs is going to be checking the value of imported goods more closely and communicating with the countries where merchandise is leaving, to check declared values. People may be more likely to get caught if their car nationalization pedimento says the car is worth just $10,000 pesos, while it clearly is worth much more.”

Customs did exactly this and is seizing property of 9 importers and shut down over 100 for defrauding the Mexican government out of more than $3,000,000 dollars as well as providing falsified papers saying the cars were legally exported from the US.

Original press release in Spanish

Frauds still abound with “Regularizations, judicial facturas (falsified court papers), plates from Michoacan, Mexico City and the State of Mexico, fake pedimentos” as well as paperwork from ejidos saying your are in the process of nationalizing, with some people driving around for over 4 years with those papers. Nationalization can be done but to do it right is even more expensive now, plan on paying $3,000US or more as a minimum for most cars.


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