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  • New Jalisco 2023 Law Regulating Real Estate Professionals Up until now there has been no government regulation of real estate professionals in Jalisco.  It was simply a matter of printing a business card, hanging out a shingle and bam! you are in business.  No licensing, no regulation and little to no recourse against bad agents […]

  • Cancelación de Visas USA sin previo aviso.

    ¿Serás el próximo? Que está pasando y como poder evitar este contratiempo De un tiempo a la fecha me han llegado diferentes situaciones con mis clientes que han llamado mi atención. Casualmente sus Visas han sido canceladas de una manera automática y sin poder ofrecer pruebas o explicaciones, la mayoría de ellas argumentando el mal […]

  • Human Trafficking

    The world is not what is once was for our children and daily it seems as if the dangers grow.  Dangers are not limited to children although they are some of the most vulnerable.  Human Trafficking is an issue worldwide and unfortunately sex trafficking is an issue in our area.  In the State of Jalisco […]

  • New US passport design

    New US passport design. We are seeing these starting last month for passport renewals. Signature page also has holders photo. They will be phasing them in, also passport prices are going up $20.00US so expect to pay $130.00 dollars for renewals. Kids will pay $135.00 dollars for their 5 year passports, another good reason to […]

  • Mexico Tax and Financial Reforms 2022, the good, the bad and the ugly…

    The economic reform packages have been made official and were published in the Federal Register (Diario Oficial de la Federacion) on November 12, 2021 with additions, deletions and modifications to the tax laws to take effect in 2022. Reduction of confiscatory tax withholding Mexico has always had a sort of ridiculous tax well actually a […]

  • SAT (Mexican tax authority) to deactivate passwords for taxpayer login

    Per the 2021 Tax Regulations published in the DOF (Diario Oficial de la Federación), SAT (Mexican tax authority), as a protective measure to prevent fraud and identity theft will be deactivating the passwords of millions of taxpayers who are under the Regimen de Incorporacion Fiscal system (simplified system for small businesses).  This can affect your […]

  • Mexico updates its immigration forms for 2021

    Old forms are still valid and the new ones seems to be the current presidential administration updating the forms with their trademark color schemes. The forms are the Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) or “Tourist card”, the standard temporary and permanent visas and the FEM statistical form for Mexican nationals to fill out when flying out […]

  • Divorce, Mexican (Jalisco) style in 2021

    Going through the big D and I don´t mean Durango (Dallas)….???   With the lockdowns and closures, many are at wit´s end with their spouses. Here is the short and skinny and a general overview on divorce in Mexico in 2021. Documents needed for all divorces: – Birth certificates of each party. Those born outside Mexico […]

  • Bonos / Ayuda para Ciudadanos y Residentes USA por COVID 2020

    Tienes doble nacionalidad (USA y México) o la nacionalidad Americana? Aprovecha el programa de bonos de ayuda de $1,200 dólares (approx. $27,000 pesos) de Los Estados Unidos para los ciudadanos y residentes debido a COVID-19. Es un trámite rápido y no importa si vives en México. Para mayores de edad con número de seguro social. […]