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  • How to Lose Money in Mexican Real Estate

    How to Lose Money in Mexican Real Estate I have had at least two people come in to see me each week due to problems purchasing real estate.  There are a few common themes and many times problems can be avoided if one is careful from the start.  There is an old saying here in […]

  • Cheated by Escheat?

    Cheated by Escheat? By the way, here’s something people should know about if they have bank accounts in the US. What happened to me is that I had some money in a US checking account that I hadn’t used for a few years. They blocked the account and called it dormant. I was recently contacted […]

  • 2017 Notarial Tax lowered

    Starting February 23, 2017 they lowered the notarial tax (Impuesto Sobre negocios Juridicos) that was raised from 290 to 1000 pesos for 2017, it is now 300 pesos, this will lower costs on wills, deeds and other notarial acts. will prices should go back down to almost 2016 prices.

  • How to Die in Mexico

    How to Die in Mexico While many focus on coming to Mexico to live a relaxed lifestyle, nothing lasts forever and old age and bad fortune can befall us all one day. As Benjamin Franklin said the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. The reality is that the narcos won’t get […]