New Vehicle Temporary Importation Manual

New Vehicle Temporary Importation Manual

SAT released the latest version of their Vehicle Importation Manual the end of November, 2014, two years after the prior one was released in September, 2012. The new manual can be found here:

The new manual lists the immigration statuses and maximum periods that they can have vehicles imported with Residente Temporal up to 4 years, Residente Temporal Estudiante for the duration of their studies and FMM para canje (these are people who got their preauthorized visa at the consulate) for up to 30 days (can be extended up to 4 years). (2.2)

It also reiterates the 3 ways to get the temporary import permit, at the border paying $51US + IVA, online from paying $45US + IVA and at the Mexican consulates in Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Denver and Phoenix paying $51US + IVA. (2.3)

The deposits you pay at the time of purchasing the permit in cash or by credit card remain the same. $400US for car models 2007 – 2015, $300US for car models 2001 – 2006 and $200US for cars 2000 and older. (2.3)

There has been a change in the way foreigners must notify Aduana when they renew their immigration document or swap their FMM and consulate preauthorization for a new card. Aduana now does not ask for a copy of the new immigration document but asks for the copy of the new card OR the NUT number OR the resolution authorizing the new card. What in the heck is that? This is the papers that comes up when you are notified that you can do fingerprints. It does not have your name or any personal identifying information on it. To avoid losing your deposit, we are having our clients do their aduana vehicle notification the very day they are notified they can place fingerprints and we include a copy of the notification as well as the pdf notification with no personal information. They now specify that the 15 day term to do so is business days, not calendar days! (presumably due to our firms efforts in fighting for improperly retained vehicle deposits) (2.4)

This is all very new and we have not had any responses back yet from aduana. They are checking all notifications directly with immigration. Immigration has corrected their practice of placing erroneous dates of issue on immigration cards but delays in delivery to foreigners may still cause people to not notify on time and thereby lose their deposits paid. We suggest that you come and see us with your import permit when you are notified you can do your fingerprints so we can present the notification immediately.

The people who can drive your car are the same, they just now specifically list tourists and resident temporales along with family members if you are not in the car. (2.8)


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