Human Trafficking

The world is not what is once was for our children and daily it seems as if the dangers grow.  Dangers are not limited to children although they are some of the most vulnerable. 

Human Trafficking is an issue worldwide and unfortunately sex trafficking is an issue in our area.  In the State of Jalisco 3 hotbeds of sex trafficking are Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Chapala, yes, Lake Chapala. 

US Citizens who are sex tourists or who commit sex trafficking are not beyond the reach of the United States authorities just because they are in Mexico.  US Homeland Security Investigations is investigating American Citizens involved in wrongdoing.  US Citizens may be convicted and deported if committing illegal acts.  You may make an anonymous tip to the tipline 1-866-347-2423 or scan the QR code on the lower left of the photo if you see suspicious behavior such as an older person grooming young children and having them over even though they are not related and the parents are not present.  

There are reports of orphanages who rent out children and parents who knowingly rent out their children.  Please stop this and report it.  Others report older foreigners buying little kids clothes and gifts like underwear. Be alert, be aware and we can stop this harmful practice.  The US government is able to help and move things where the local authorities may be untrained to handle many situations. 


About the Author:

Litigating Attorney and Official Court Translator in the State of Jalisco, Mexico