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  • New IMSS 2016 Rates

    IMSS 2016 Rates As rates change every February, here is the price list for 2016, many higher tiers for people over 60 have gone up 1,000 pesos and the lower tiers around 300. Grupo de edad Cuotas 2016 0-19 $ 2,250 20-29 $ 2,700 30-39 $ 2,850 40-49 $ 4,000 50-59 $ 4,250 60-69 $ […]

  • Legal Analysis of the Tonya and Ethan Couch situation

    I have been interviewed by various news sources as many have questions about the legal system in Mexico and to many there are more questions than answers as many are unaware about the inner workings of the Mexican legal system. Why does everybody run to Mexico? Is it a good hiding place? Are there no […]

  • SRE In Guadalajara moving location

    SRE In Guadalajara moving location Next week the SRE (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores) will be moving their offices in Guadalajara. Presently, this week they are still at their location on the ground floor of the Palacio Federal on Alcalde in Guadalajara. They will be moving to Plaza Bonita (next to Plaza Mexico) on Avenida Mexico […]

  • Retorno Seguro Update November 2015

    Retorno Seguro Update November 2015 We went to present another retorno seguro on Tuesday of this week (November 24, 2015) and had it rejected. The rules changed and the new ones took effect Monday, November 23, 2015 and they will now only accept them in Mexico City and once they receive all the papers (there […]

  • 3 tax changes for 2016 that may benefit you

    Mexican legislators approved reforms of the tax law for 2016. The biggest change is that people will be able to exempt the sale of their primary residence from capital gains every 3 years instead of the current law which is every 5 years. Also people will have a higher amount they can deduct from taxes […]

  • The long arm of the US Law and Expats

    The long arm of the US Law and Expats Many people each year decide to move from the US to live in a different country for family, work or other reasons. Many people also erroneously assume that just because they are not located physically within the United States that US Federal Laws do not apply […]

  • 6 Big Mistakes People Make in Mexican Lawsuits

    6 Big Mistakes People Make in Mexican Lawsuits It is 8:00am and you are drinking your morning coffee and there is a knock at the door. Jehovah’s Witnesses? That neighbor wanting to borrow a cup of sugar? Who could it be? Oh it is Spencer… but wait… the police are there and a bunch of […]

  • Verify Mexican IFE / INE Credencials

    Fake documents are easy to get, this ad in Craigslist show how real the fake documents look. You need to do due diligence and check any documents presented to you if you want to avoid troubles, the site used to check IFEs http://listanominal.ife.org.mx/consulta_permanente_ln.htm Banks and notaries check it and moreso now with so much fraud […]