CURP Numbers and Controlled Medicines for Foreigners

Recently there has been an uproar nationally within the foreign community with people fearing they would not be able to get medicines they need for certain medical conditions as they were only tourists who are unable to get a CURP number. This arose when the forms for prescriptions changed to electronic ones doctors need to login online to comnplete for certain controlled medicines and the new online fields contain a place to enter a CURP number.

We have verified with COFEPRIS (The Mexican equivalent of the FDA) that the CURP field on the doctors online prescription system is optional and is verifiable on their web page at and downloading their user manuals for Pharmacies and looking on page 13 where it says optional fields and one being the CURP number, best for people to print that page to be able to show Pharmacies that the CURP is not a mandatory field.


About the Author:

Litigating Attorney and Official Court Translator in the State of Jalisco, Mexico