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Peritos del Consejo de la Judicatura del Segundo Partido perteneciente a Chapala 2011

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If you're interested in moving to Mexico or live in the lakeside area already, feel free to contact us about any of the services we offer.

Chapala Office
Hidalgo #230-B
Chapala, Jal. Mexico 45900.
US # 805-683-4848
US Fax 805-880-0454

Skype: legal_and_immigration
*Prosecution of and defense in criminal matters.
*Civil lawsuits and defense.
*Immigration issues (FM3, FM2, Inmigrado, permission to marry, work permits, extensions and more).
*IMSS sign up and renewals.
*Translations from Spanish to English to Spanish.
*Financial advice and investment / accounting services.
*Help with civil matters in the US.
*Represent you when dealing with government agencies.
*Real estate, title searches and landlord / tenant issues.
*Many more services offered, please ask!

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